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The Grapefruit Magic Diet

New Mouth
We know every person's oral health experience is different. An unhealthy diet increases your risk of developing serious oral conditions and diseases. For example, eating sugary and processed food results in more buildup of dental plaque and cavities. We created a guide to help people better understand their diet and how to keep their mouth healthy.

Make a Year's Worth of Lauandry Soap for $30!
I thought I'd share this with you. It is a recipe for $30.00 of Laundry Detergent that lasts a year for a family of four.

Have you seen this pest? Read about The Spotted Lanternfly

Free Courses From MIT (To better the world) Free courses from MIT

I'm going to the Moon! NASA is taking a usb drive of names to go on a lunar orbit 1,300,000 miles around the Moon!

Watch this Snow Leopard catch prey, then fall off 200 ft cliff - and never let go! Watch Here






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